UNIDO’s reply to USEON‘s PPE donation

Mankind has only one earth to live on, and countries have only one world to share.

In the case of COVID-19, we need to work together to overcome the difficulties. We have donated PPE to our customers, our partners and international organizations like UNIDO in dozens of countries.

At the same time, the rapid increase in demand for masks has led to a shortage of meltblown fabric for mask materials.

Based on more than ten years of experience in the plastic extrusion industry, we have built a complete meltblown solutions, from the production of melt blown PP reacting compounding to melt blown fabric production line.

The following is UNIDO’s reply to our donation:

Subject: Donation of PPE to UNIDO

Dear Mr. Zhang,

On behalf of the staff of UNIDO, I extend our gratitude and appreciation to the generous donation of PPE (7400 Facial Masks) to UNIDO by USEON (NANJING) EXTRUSION MACHINERY CO., LTD. In the global effort of combating COVID-19 this is a real example of how the private sector companies such USEON play a key role in complimenting the activities of UNIDO operations.

We are pleased to inform you that UNIDO Staff Council has received the Masks and are now in the midst of distributing them as part of the UNIDO efforts to curb the spread of the virus. The availability of quality PPE at the work place will act as great motivator as well as keep the staff safe whilst delivering on the promise of promoting and accelerating Inclusive and Sustainable Industrial Development (ISID) to our Member States.

On behalf of the staff of UNIDO, I thank you again for your generosity!

Yours sincerely,

Hassan Malik

President UNIDO Staff Union

Donation of PPE to UNIDO
Donation of PPE to UNIDO
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