ЮНИДО и ФЕКО посещала USEON и похвала нас за вклад в защите окружающей среды.


Last week, the UN Resident Coordinator and UNDO Resident Representative Mr. Nicholas Rosellini, as well as Mr. Xiao, the Vice-Director of FECO visited USEON. During their visit, we reported our achievements in HCFCs phasing-out in XPS production, and our latest development of CO2 foam technology. They were impressed by our initiatives in CO2 foam XPS production line. They recognized what we have done for phasing-out HCFCs in XPS production lines either in China and the worldwide. They were expecting us to make a greater contribution for environment protection and South-South cooperation.

Their visit will definitely inspires us to input more enthusiasm and effort for making the world a better place.

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